Ph. Dani Montenk

Hatha Vinyasa

You will explore alignment and stillness in a series of postures (Asanas), connected through flowing movement. The breath is the key to creating a harmonious flow and the sequences are always different. The whole body is strengthened and stretched, and the mind can experience silence and rest. The class can include Pranayama (breath techniques) and meditation to center and focus.

Power Vinyasa

In this class you will be fully guided into powerful and dynamic sequences inspired by Ashtanga and Jivamukti Yoga. The alignments and variations are given in the rhythm of the breath, the pace is sustained by music that leads to a kind of flow-state, or meditation in motion. The class is intense, powerful and physically demanding. You will sweat, stretch and breathe a lot! Each time will end with a cool down-sequence and final relaxation.

Ph. Dani Montenk

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