Yoga and Meditation

In modern life, stress seems inevitable. Is then important to address it and learn how to manage it, activating your energetic potential and ensuring a smooth flow of energy in your body and mind. This is the target of business yoga. On the one hand, the exercises are energising and strengthening. But they are also relaxing and have a relieving effect on tension and stress, promoting mental performance, calm and clarity. There are tailor-made yoga programs for each area for prevention and promotion of well-being. You will learn to deal with the most common physical complaints, such as tension or in the back, neck and shoulders, as well as a lack of concentration or irritability. You will practice breathing, concentration and mindfulness techniques. 

Yoga in the chair and beyond

We will work mainly sitting in the chair, but we will also do some easy standing postures/sequences. The process is designed in such a way that the exercises can be carried out in work clothes and without prior yoga knowledge. And they can be easily integrated into your daily routine – e.g. during your lunch break. We will loosen the joints, do specific stretching, strengthen the muscles and breathe a lot!

Ph. Dani Montenk

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